MLX 100 Highspeed Handpiece

Mayox Series A new benchmark
for Comfort, Power and Durability

Mayox series air turbines features unsurpassed cutting efficiency, ergonomically designed body and excellent comfort. Mayox series has been developed based on research conducted amongst the practicing dentist those loves power with comfort for fatigue free operation. Mayox series has been designed without compromise to pay attention to every detail. With an incredible output up to 21 Watts, Mayox series air turbines will revolutionize your dental practice

MLX 100

  • Head Type : Torque Head
  • Power : 19W
  • Head Size : D13.65*H10.7mm
  • RPM : 340 000-360 000rpm
  • Water Spray : 4 Ports
  • Water Flow : >50ml/min
  • Operating Pressure : 0.23-0.3MPa
  • Noise Level : <60 dB
  • Bur : 1.59-1.60mm
  • Material: Copper
  • Light Power: 2500LUX
  • Chuck Type : Push Button
  • Weight : 75g

Excellent Power | Better Comfort | Extended Durability


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