Diamond Bur

DIAMOND BUR (Double Layer Dental Bur)

Precision, efficiency and durability are the basic criteria for assessing the quality of any diamond burs. Our burs are manufactured with ultimate care to ensure the highest precision and long durability by ensuring the following :

Selected natural diamonds with sharp edges and adequate quantity.

Separate coat of nickel for each layer and placement is individually moulded to the shape of the bur.

Beginning and after application of diamonds, we ensure the double balance control of the burs.

Stainless steel pin with a constant diameter throughout its length and the special surface smoothing layer.

Sicher double layer diamond burs are available in a wide range of sizes and grits, for every procedure. They are manufactured to the highest international standards, using the best quality materials. Each bur is microscopically tested to ensure that it is 100% controlled. Sicher’s plating method ensures that the diamond surface is homogenized with no “bald” areas and equal distribution of bond matrix and grit. This ensures minimal pressure required on the turbine, a better prepared tooth, concentric, balanced bur with long-lasting cutting ability, and maximum diamond sharpness.

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