Endo Files


  • Made of high quality NITI alloy, it becomes golden color after the heat activation treatment
  • Good flexibility, high quality cutting efficency and fracture resistance
  • Recommended rotary speed of engine files is 150-300RPM
  • Torque 2.0N cm-2.5 cm
  • 6pcs per pack, single for assorted size
  1. Establish a glide path
  2. Probe the canal by using k file No.10#, 15#
  3. Use Sx enlarge the canal continued by
  4. Use 15# hand files to probe the working length
  5. Use S1 files to working length
  6. Use S2 files to working length
  7. Use F1 files to working length
  8. Use F2 files to working length
  9. Use F3 files to working length

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